Brussels paths

These times are dark times for Europe, in crisis after the Keynesian economic and social intoxication of the 20th century, a “peace prize” is not enough to heave a sigh of relief. The anti-Europeanism is not any longer a simple chat for some Parties in the countries of the European Union, it has become a real political program. An extreme form of closure that somehow deals with unsustainable -and not unexpected- xenophobic tendencies.

It is Europe’s fault, they say. It would be better to say: “It is not just Europe’s fault”. Perhaps, we look at Europe in such a not indulgent way just because we see in it as increased image of the limits and defects of the States to which we belong. The Brussels paths were written following the desire to look beyond our borders and to find in the political and symbolic heart of Europe, something that we could recognize too.

The intent is to describe a “possible history” of Brussels as a Capital City, through the selection of untold architectures in a series of maps published in Shht#2 Underground: Not so far from other European cities, Brussels history has been marked by great enthusiasm – “A modern capital” – international ambitions – “Brusselization” – and broken dreams – “Expired future(s)”. And it is great to exclaim at the end of this tour, thanks to the section “Inspiring future(s)”: all is not lost!. Looking at the latest architectures built in Brussels, we understand how we could take our cities back, finding a credible European pride, based on a local architecture precise and careful.

An enthusiasm that must be shared through a mutual cooperation, just as these itineraries were born, through a continuous exchange between our Milan and Brussels newsrooms. Just as all of you can do by sending shots and comments on the selected architectures.

(Text / maps: Rossella Locatelli, Sedaile Mejias and Diego Luna Quintanilla)