Brussels paths: Brusselization

After the great excitement for the new town, here comes the achievement of its brand-new identity with international aspirations. It is the time of the market driven development of huge districts for representative and tertiary buildings. The marked interest in scientific and technical progress is accompanied by a lively infatuation with construction processes. The structure of buildings in no longer hidden under rendering or a facing, but it proudly displays itself. The prefabrication and rationalization of construction is becoming the credo of many architects, here, the original formal language of the masters Willy Van Deer Meeren and Renaat Braem reaches synthesis and affirmation.


 Brussels Paths - Brusselization


(Text and map: Rossella Locatelli and Sedaile Mejias / photos: Diego Luna Quintanilla // cover: Manhattan project)


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BBL (1964)BBL (1964)Tour du Sablon (1964)Caisse d'epargne (1973)Caisse d'epargne (1973)


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