Brussels paths: Inspiring future(s)

After the large scale projects and demolitions, in the last 10 years, lots of architects in Brussels revert to a dimension of the project based on a solid foundation of program control, refurbishment of the existing buildings, and an intensive dialogue with the city and its users. The process leads to buildings brilliantly engaging in the European architectural discourse and its social requirements. Far from the utopian vision of Brussels Capital, the architecture in Brussels has responded sensitively and intelligently to all architectural questions raised in times of crisis, our time.


20141201 Inspiring Futures-01

(Text and map: Rossella Locatelli and Sedaile Mejias / photos: Diego Luna Quintanilla // cover: Ancienne Savonnerie Heymans)


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RecyclartHousing units FabriqueSkatepark UrsulinesParc Saint-FrancoisGalerie Erna HaceyComplexe Sportif Heyvaert


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