The Brussels Newsroom is in constant search of new formats and opportunities to impulse our vision. By carrying out projects of research, cultural and artistic production, we aim to create synergies between different actors, public and private institutions, cultural associations, art collectives and engaged citizens.


The Brussels Street Photography Festival (2016)

Producers and Curators


The Brussels Street Photography Festival (BSPF) is a cultural project whose objective is to promote street photography as an urban research tool, a form of cultural communication and a visual art.

For BSPF the Brussels Newsroom joined forces with the people behind (the popular tumblr-based street photography site that has promoted and connected a wide range of street photographers from around the world), with the common ambition to delve deeper into those visual elements that define the contemporary identity of Brussels in two dimensions, from a local and a global perspective.

The BSPF aims to bring together the views of both established and emerging street photographers by offering a larger exposure to the general public, creating awareness and engaging new enthusiasts.

The first edition of the BSPF will take place in the fall of 2016.


Shht… tales of the underground (2014)

Producers and Curators


Shht… tales of the underground, by the ghost of the river was a night walk that gathered more than 150 people (between public, artists and crew) structured along one of the most important underground episodes in the history of Brussels:

The Vaulting of the River Senne in the XIX century was a mega infrastructural operation that changed completely the urban configuration of the city center; it carried out demolitions of entire neighborhoods and provided the platform for a new image for the city. We decided to tackle this underground theme in Shht#2 Underground and then to give it an experiential dimension through Shht… tales of the underground, by the ghost of the river in association with Nightscapes Productions and with the support of Recyclart, BUUR, Modell’o Printshop, Curo Hall,Cultureghem, BOB 361, ZSenne, BXL Swings in the Cracks and Expart.

During this experimental promenade we used different formats of performing and visual arts with the intention to explore in an unusual way, two very local (even unknown) neighborhoods, both built above a river long forgotten. Just by remembering the Senne and trying to follow its traces we discovered intriguing places full of qualities and with enormous potentials. This trip into the sub consciousness of Brussels was for us a first attempt to bring the debate to the next level, from the written words to an active experience of the city.


Shht # 2 – Underground (2014)

Guest Editors


Shht, the magazine of untold architecture is the editorial project of Shht Cultural Association, an international network setted up to promote and disseminate knowledge of Architecture, as an open debate on issues which are now often silenced such as the interaction between the built environment and society. For the second edition Shht#2 Underground, the Brussels Newsroom edited a section devoted to Brussels. This section includes the following pieces:

“An anonymous iconography for the capital of Europe” by Sedaile Mejias and Diego Luna Quintanilla

“Down the Senne” by Adrian Hill and Laura Vescina

“Jonction: sous les pavés, le train” an interview with Stephan Damsin (preceed by a short story by Charles Bricman)

“Architecture untold: the Brussels paths” a collection of thematic maps by Rossella Locatelli, Sedaile Mejias and Diego Luna Quintanilla.

Shht, the magazine of untold architecture can be purchased online or directly on bookshops and distributors in Belgium, Italy and Cyprus